Sunday, April 6, 2014

Eight Months

 This baby girl is eight months old!  She started really rolling all over this month and is so close to crawling.  She loves to stand up with our help and see the world around her.  She loves to be outside and to be on the swings at the park.  She loves to eat and hit the 20 pound mark this month.  The only food she doesn't like so far is bananas.  Everything else she munches right up.  She loves to read books and is very good at turning the pages for us.  At night when we get home from work we go outside in the backyard with Noodle. Sadie loves to feel the grass and watch mommy and daddy run around when we play with Noodle.  After dinner, we go on a walk and Sadie loves to watch the wind blow through the leaves up high on the trees.  Sadie just popped her third tooth and is still biting on everything!

Matching with Mommy

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sadie's First Swim

The warm weather continued and so we decided that it was time for Sadie's first swim!  Grandpa Rhine heated up the jacuzzi and we had a pool party!  With the BBQ going and Sadie in the cutest swimwear it felt like a summer day!  

Sadie was nervous at first when the baubles were on, but once they turned off, she was a little fish!  She loved being in the water and kicked her legs as she swam around.  I can see that this is going to be our weekend every day this summer and I can't wait!

Click here for the video version:  Video of Sadie's First Swim

Family Day Out

Mid March was super warm and we wanted to take full advantage of it!  We spent a Sunday down at Seaport Village and on the Embarcadero.  Sadie loved looking at all the people who were out and about too.  We spent a long time laying in the grass watching all the kites in the sky.  Sadie was really interested in the kites and Adam can't wait to fly one with her soon.  Sadie picked out a new toy in an expensive tourist toy store and these sucker parents gave in.  If we can't hold back now...I see trouble in our future.

We're so lucky to live in such a beautiful city and have such nice weather and it's so much fun to spend days like this out as a family.